Needles Highway

Mount Rushmore viewed through a tunnel on the way to Custer State Park.

When we went to Custer State Park from Rapid City, South Dakota, we saw some great scenery.  We started off with a plan to bypass Mount Rushmore and enter Custer State Park and catch Mount Rushmore on the way back.  But, as we were driving on the road to the park, we caught several views of Mount Rushmore including one through a tunnel.

On our final leg on our loop through Custer State Park, we drove on the Needles Highway.  We highly recommend you drive this route if you are in this area.  This is an amazing stretch of road with narrow tunnels and high granite pinnacles.  This is a must see.

One of the tunnels on the Needles Highway in South Dakota.
One of the tunnels on the Needles Highway in South Dakota.
Flowers in Custer State Park.


After we left Custer State Park, we drove by the Crazy Horse monument that is being built.  This monument is still under construction and is planned to rival the Mount Rushmore monument of the presidents.  The plans look awesome.  When it is finished it will be amazing.  It is being built entirely on private funding so it is a slow process.

Crazy Horse monument in South Dakota. It is still under construction. He will be sitting on a horse. The final plans look awesome.


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  1. Need to drive that highway again someday. Last time I was there was winter and they close the roads.

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