Month: April 2018

Sunrise, Sunset

We watched the sunrise over St. Augustine Beach this morning on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. We went to Le Petit Pleasures to get our french pastries.  Then, we headed to the Gulf Coast of Florida. We were pleased with our stay in the… Continue Reading “Sunrise, Sunset”

Adventure 2018 Begins

By Linda We finished packing up the house in hopes it will sell while we are traveling across country and then we won’t need to come back.  We loaded up the motor home and set up in a local campground 1/2 mile from the… Continue Reading “Adventure 2018 Begins”

Some of what we leave behind

BY Regis We just spent a wonderful evening with four amazing people. With our impending departure, we have been making time to hook up with friends and say good byes. Tonight, however, bolooned into an extravaganza of sorts. We had been chatting with Suzanne… Continue Reading “Some of what we leave behind”

St. Augustine

By Linda I think I might have a problem sitting still too long, so we recently put our house up for sale.  We plan to travel in the motor home and ultimately settle somewhere in Washington State.  Our son lives there and we’d like… Continue Reading “St. Augustine”

Ready, Set, … Go?

By Regis. Last post I told you I would post about the RV upgrade projects. Well I haven’t a clue how to present that in an interesting way. So what your’e going to get is a list and some pictures with a short description.… Continue Reading “Ready, Set, … Go?”

Is Winter Over Yet?

By Regis, Hello all! In preparation for our 2018 adventure I was looking back and noticed we have not posted since January! Well, to be honest, we haven’t been doing much to share. Plus, It’s been COLD! Yes even here in Floridia it’s been… Continue Reading “Is Winter Over Yet?”