Month: June 2020

Point Hudson

We have been enjoying walking around the near vicinity at Point Hudson in Port Townsend and enjoying the wildlife. When the sun is out, we sit in our chairs with binoculars and scan for wildlife, etc. Yesterday, Regis spotted a submarine being escorted out… Continue Reading “Point Hudson”

Campground Flowers

The sky was overcast this morning, so I took the opportunity to get some pictures of the flowers in the campground rain garden.

Eagle at Dawn

I love to get outside just as it is getting light before the sunrise. The water is usually calm and the birds are beginning their dawn chorus. There is little to no human activity, so it is quiet. I enjoy seeing the colors in… Continue Reading “Eagle at Dawn”

A Favorite Campsite

Before we left Port Angeles this morning, we went up to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park to try to get some good views/pictures of the Strait and Canada. The weather was not cooperative and the pictures weren’t good but we saw lots of… Continue Reading “A Favorite Campsite”

Weather in South Dakota

This is a post after the fact. I was reading in one of the newspapers recently about some crazy weather in South Dakota and went through our South Dakota pictures and found a couple pictures we took of the weather while we were there.… Continue Reading “Weather in South Dakota”

Pacific Northwest Rainforest

After we arrived in our campground in Port Angeles yesterday, we immediately drove to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park and drove to Obstruction Point. There was snow in the area and the wildflowers were amazing. As I tried to get pictures, my… Continue Reading “Pacific Northwest Rainforest”

Sunrise Over Puget Sound

I spent another morning watching the sunrise over Puget Sound. Below is a video with the accompanying morning bird song. There were a couple ships going up the Sound, so you can hear their low rumble also. I also enjoyed watching some geese silhouetted… Continue Reading “Sunrise Over Puget Sound”

Otter vs Eagle

And the eagle won.  Regis was videoing a river otter that was eating something when an eagle showed up to steal the prize.  I went out before sunrise and there was too much cloud cover to see the Cascade mountains or Mt. Rainier.  It… Continue Reading “Otter vs Eagle”


We have had a lovely time once we arrived in Washington state.  We visited our son, his partner, and his dog a couple times.  We went to Seattle on the ferry with the car.  We would have preferred to walk on the ferry and… Continue Reading “Wine”


We knew the weather over this weekend was supposed to be mostly rainy, so we made plans to hang out at the RV and give Dart a break from the car.  Regis and I went to the store for some supplies and left Dart… Continue Reading “Rest”