Month: June 2015


Today we cleaned up, bought supplies, and planned where we go from here.  Regis tried to clean the front of the RV as best he could.  Many campgrounds won’t let you clean your RV in the campground.  Therefore, cleaning the RV is a problem.  In… Continue Reading “Planning”

North Cascades

Once again, this country is stunning.  We drove through the North Cascades today.  It was a long drive but worth it.  The dogs may not have agreed, but they did get to split a hot dog for lunch since I forgot their lunch treats.… Continue Reading “North Cascades”

RV Steps and the Dogs

The first time we put Dart and Tekoe in the RV, they jumped out. That’s dangerous and it is surprising they didn’t get hurt (especially Tekoe).  As a result, we taught Dart not to exit the RV and we lifted him out.  We also… Continue Reading “RV Steps and the Dogs”

Mt. Baker

We took a ride up to Mt. Baker today.  We went on the Chuckanut Drive first which goes from Burlington to Bellingham along Puget Sound.  Beautiful!!!  Then we headed to Mt. Baker.  There were some girls offering car washes along the way, so we… Continue Reading “Mt. Baker”


We went to a local Co-op today to pick up some food and they had kielbasa.  We figured we’d give it a try.  I was hoping for some local trout, but there was no trout so we bought the kielbasa.  We couldn’t find any… Continue Reading “Kielbasa”

Seattle Traffic Ugh!

We had dinner with Jason in Seattle this evening.  About 25 miles outside the city, there was a sign that said 85 minutes to Seattle.  We were moving along at the speed limit, so I thought the sign was a mistake.  It wasn’t.  About… Continue Reading “Seattle Traffic Ugh!”

The Fly

The most entertaining thing that happened today was watching Coco chase a fly that got in the RV.  Had I known it would be so much fun to watch, I would have tried to get a fly in sooner! I picked up my lens… Continue Reading “The Fly”

These Mountains are Crazy

The mountains here are mysterious.  One day you’ll be in a spot and not see a particular mountain, the next day there will be a huge, snow-capped mountain looming.  Sometimes the huge mountains look small and other times they are overwhelming.  The mountains that… Continue Reading “These Mountains are Crazy”


We moved from Concrete to Burlington and will stay here for 9 days.  Looking forward to it!! We like the campground and it really works for us with dogs.  I’ve been researching hikes and have a couple planned for this week.  We also plan… Continue Reading “Coco”

Favorite Trail Ever

Jason picked out an incredible hike for us today.  We hiked the Sauk Mountain trail in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  It was another brutal drive up a forest service road to get to the trail head, but not as bad as the road… Continue Reading “Favorite Trail Ever”