Month: January 2022

Boat-tailed Grackles

I love boat-tailed grackles. I usually see them in parking lots and call them parking lot birds, so I love it when I see them in a natural environment. While I was flitting around Seattle, Regis spent time on the beach and got some… Continue Reading “Boat-tailed Grackles”

The Gull

I went back to Lake Washington today and it was mostly sunny. I was on a mission to see if I could find new gulls and ducks for my life list, therefore I spent time scrutinizing every gull and duck. I saw one gull… Continue Reading “The Gull”

A Crow of a Different Color

I am spending some time in Seattle and recently went to the shores of Lake Washington to seek out a light-colored crow my son saw several months ago. I found the crow immediately where he had seen it. The crow is light brown with… Continue Reading “A Crow of a Different Color”

Christmas Bird Counts

I was the lead compiler for the St. Augustine Christmas Bird Count (CBC) on December 19. Fifty volunteers tallied 149 total species and 24,687 individual birds. It has been a joy to lead the St. Augustine CBC for the last three years because it… Continue Reading “Christmas Bird Counts”