Month: April 2022

Some Pics

We’ve been here for over a month and have grabbed the cameras now and then. This post is to show a few of the things we’ve been seeing in our yard or at the local preserve. Dart and I walk the preserve almost everyday.… Continue Reading “Some Pics”

Skagit Valley Tulips

About a week ago, we took a break from house activities and headed to Skagit Valley to see the spring bulbs. They were mostly tulips. We drove around the sound on the way there and encountered a lot of traffic. We found the display… Continue Reading “Skagit Valley Tulips”

Trucks here!

After two weeks of “camping out” in the new house our wish came true. We got the call to inform us of when the truck, containing all our household goods, was going to arrive! Well, what’s that sayin, “careful what you wish for”. They… Continue Reading “Trucks here!”

Moving in

We were in our new home 14 days before our goods arrived. Our initial concern when leaving Florida was that our stuff would get to Washington before us. As it turned out, the stuff did not leave Florida until after we arrived in Washington.… Continue Reading “Moving in”