Month: July 2016

Home in St. Augustine

We made it home.  We covered many miles (8,315 in the motor home) and saw lots of this beautiful country.  It was a great experience and it opened my eyes to many things about our country.  Nevertheless, it was good to be back home.… Continue Reading “Home in St. Augustine”

Lookout Mountain

Dart was on Lookout Mountain.  Congratulations Sandy and Vicki! We are headed home today and looking forward to it.  I am going to spend some time taking advantage of my great internet access at home. And, I will be headed to the beach tomorrow!


Where’s Dart (17)?  He is in eastern Tennessee on a famous mountain.  I am including a second picture of what can be seen on top of the mountain, so if you have been there, you may recognize it.  We are visiting Regis’ brother, Mark,… Continue Reading “Appalachians”

City Dogs and Country Dogs

Oklahoman’s have a sense of humor.  We saw the following at one of the rest stops.  Dart picked the country dog spot. By the way, when we were passing through Texas, we saw wind turbines for miles and miles and miles and miles and… Continue Reading “City Dogs and Country Dogs”

Rest Stops

We started the process of heading back to Florida.  This has brought us back to interstates.  If you are not on the interstate out west, you have to be prepared to drive through towns that may have speed limits as low as 25 mph.… Continue Reading “Rest Stops”

Spectacular Sunsets

Yesterday, I went on a guided Paddleboard Tour with Paddle  Moab.  Alycia and Gabriel were the guides.  They were funny, enthusiastic, great teachers, and a joy to be with.  This is the first time I had someone show me how to paddleboard and had… Continue Reading “Spectacular Sunsets”

Arches National Park

Dart was in Arches National Park.  We went into the park in late afternoon so we could see the colors in the park as the sun began to set.  The setting sun brings out the warm colors in the formations.  We were fortunate that… Continue Reading “Arches National Park”

Where’s Dart (16)?

Dart is in a National Park.  (Vicki:  You’ve got this one!) We drove along the Colorado River yesterday and there are huge red cliffs on either side of the river.  The cliffs are slightly tilted so you have the illusion of going down hill… Continue Reading “Where’s Dart (16)?”

Another Crazy Road

Dart was in Canyonlands National Park. Yesterday we went to Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park.  We got several good views of the surrounding area and the Colorado River.  We startled a Peregrine Falcon and the Peregrine Falcon startled us.  It… Continue Reading “Another Crazy Road”


Where’s Dart now?  He is in a National Park and dogs are not allowed outside the car, even in overlooks.  It is one of the more restrictive parks.  Therefore, it is extremely hard to get a good picture with Dart in the park for… Continue Reading “Hot”