Month: January 2017

Underwater Views

By Linda On our last day in Silver Springs State Park, we kayaked by the springs and the Fort King Paddle Trail.  We did the loop a couple times.  Being Saturday and a holiday week-end, it was much more congested.  Nevertheless, we still saw… Continue Reading “Underwater Views”

Silver River

By Linda On our second trip through Silver Springs State Park, we put our kayaks in about 5 miles below the head of the springs and paddled upstream.  I saw a manatee at the beginning of this trip.  The manatee swam beneath my kayak… Continue Reading “Silver River”

Silver Springs State Park

By Linda Our second stop on this trip was to Silver Springs State Park.  This used to be a commercial operation with lots of different exotic wildlife maintained for the paying guests’ viewing pleasure.  I came here probably 30 years ago with my son… Continue Reading “Silver Springs State Park”

Butterfly Rainforest

By Linda The campground in Paynes Prairie is located on a small lake.  We took the kayaks out on the lake and watched the bird life.  There were numerous swallows swooping and soaring above the lake.  We also saw an alligator.  At one point,… Continue Reading “Butterfly Rainforest”

Stink Bugs!

By Linda Ugh.  Before we moved to St. Augustine, Florida we lived in Lothian, Maryland and had lots of experience with stink bugs.  Last fall, we visited Maryland and stayed at my brother’s property in Lothian, Maryland.  As soon as we arrived, the stink… Continue Reading “Stink Bugs!”

Paynes Prairie

By Linda We were not able to sit still in one spot in St. Augustine and wait for our 2017 travel adventure.  We are planning a trip to the Atlantic provinces of Canada this summer.  In the meantime, we decided to take a week… Continue Reading “Paynes Prairie”