Month: May 2015

Ticks Galore

We took Dart hiking on a trail late this afternoon.  We went to the beginning of the trail at a State Park and paid our entrance fee so we could park there.  It was pretty much empty.  The park allows you to camp with… Continue Reading “Ticks Galore”

Tekoe RIP

After my posting yesterday, it became obvious to us that Tekoe was in serious distress.  Regis talked to the owners of the campground and they gave him the number for a good vet.  I called and was able to reach her (on a Saturday… Continue Reading “Tekoe RIP”


Today we went to the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  We saw many bison and beautiful scenery.  We went to the campground to check it out and there were more bison in the campground than people.  The campground was lovely and I… Continue Reading “Tekoe”

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We went from Bismark, ND to Medora, ND today.  On the way, we went by the Enchanted Highway.  I had never heard of the Enchanted Highway, which is a shame.  I would have altered our trip to drive on it.  Apparently, there are numerous… Continue Reading “Theodore Roosevelt National Park”

Off the Beaten Path

Today we went on another scenic byway from Bismark to Lake Sakakawea without the trailer. It was beautiful.  Every time we stopped to visit a historic site, the peace and quiet were amazing.  We rarely encountered anyone.  There was no major interstate providing background… Continue Reading “Off the Beaten Path”

North Dakota is Flat

We left Fargo this morning.  Following is a picture of the mist on the river first thing this morning.  Let me say that Fargo is amazingly clean.  It is one of the cleanest cities I have ever seen.  The grass is green everywhere and… Continue Reading “North Dakota is Flat”

Dog Wash

We took care of some maintenance items today.  We got the oil changed, picked up some essentials at the store, and got the dogs bathed.  They look great!  Dart was really wound up when we picked him up.  OMG. It was as if he’d… Continue Reading “Dog Wash”

48th State

Yipee!  We entered North Dakota and I have been in 48 states.  I have Hawaii and Rhode Island to go (obviously not on this trip). It rained all night and rained all day.  Thank goodness it’s not raining now.  I believe I would have… Continue Reading “48th State”

Mississippi River

Eureka!  We crossed the Mississippi today.  In my last post, I was still recovering from the trip around Minneapolis.  Obviously, I wouldn’t make a good truck driver.  Lots of traffic, changing lanes, and a long trailer stress me out. Today, I crunched the container… Continue Reading “Mississippi River”

Gentle Rain

We drove from Madison, WI to the western outskirts of Minneapolis, MN (279 miles).  There was a gentle rain most of the way that wasn’t an issue until we started to go around Minneapolis.  I hate driving the trailer around cities and rain just… Continue Reading “Gentle Rain”