Month: October 2021

Recent Awards

Regis and I did well in the most recent Florida Camera Council Print Competition and won yellow awards for the following pictures. I’m thrilled that Regis did well with the marsh pictures. I feel that folks often do not appreciate the beauty of the… Continue Reading “Recent Awards”

Bluebirds, etc.

We regularly have bluebirds, but we have had more of them recently. We have also had more brown-headed nuthatches than usual. I regularly bird on our street and I am seeing more variety and numbers of birds than recently. The seasons are changing and… Continue Reading “Bluebirds, etc.”

Sunrises that Don’t Work Out

I have been wanting to get some sunrise pictures from the Palencia Boardwalk where the trees do not block the view. Yesterday, I set the alarm and woke up in the dark but it did not seem promising. I went back to bed and… Continue Reading “Sunrises that Don’t Work Out”

Elevated View of St. Augustine

The St. Augustine Camera Club got access for ten of us to take pictures of the sun set off the roof of the Treasury Building downtown. The building is the tallest one in downtown St. Augustine. Flagler Hospital is the tallest structure in the… Continue Reading “Elevated View of St. Augustine”

Injured Momma Raccoon

I recently reinstalled our bird feeder with a squirrel/raccoon baffle. We live on the marsh and the local raccoons visit the marsh at the appropriate times according to the tide to get food. With our bird feeder reinstalled, they now take a look under… Continue Reading “Injured Momma Raccoon”

Festus, the Raccoon

I recently reinstalled our bird feeders and they have a squirrel/raccoon baffle to prevent the mammals from getting to the feeder. The birds knock seed on the ground while feeding, so the squirrels and other critters regularly check to see if there is anything… Continue Reading “Festus, the Raccoon”

Northern Cottonmouth

We went to the Palencia boardwalk over the saltwater marsh today to get some drone pictures during the King Tide (which is an exceptionally high tide) for the Guana-Tolomato-Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve. We needed to take the pictures at the height of the… Continue Reading “Northern Cottonmouth”

Sunrise from the Drone

The sun rises are often stunning in our area. There are trees between us and the marsh, so we have to walk to the edge of the marsh to get unobstructed sun rise pictures. It means making that short walk in the dark. We… Continue Reading “Sunrise from the Drone”

Owl and Hawk

Regis recently won a yellow ribbon in the 2021 3rd Triannual digital competition with the Florida Camera Council for the above photograph of a great-horned owl. Yesterday, he went to the beach to get pelican photos. Here’s the thing. You often do not get… Continue Reading “Owl and Hawk”


It has been a couple weeks since we posted. We have had a lot on our plates. Yesterday and this morning were our best photo opportunities. Last evening, we went to the Guana-Tolomato-Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve in search of a reddish egret that… Continue Reading “Sunrise”