We went from Spokane to Seattle today and crossed the Columbia River.  The country is very brown and mostly desolate.   We saw lots of wind turbines when we got close to the Columbia.

As we approached Snoqualmie Pass, I played the song “The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen Are In Seattle” from the show Here Comes the Brides.  I played both the Perry Como and Bobby Sherman versions.  I think Regis could have done without it but I thought it appropriate for the occasion.

We drove longer than usual today and for the last hour Dart kept poking his head in the front of the cab like he was checking on progress.  I think he was getting antsy to arrive at our destination.

So we arrived at our main destination.  We traveled 3,167 miles in 24 days.  Now, we hang around Washington for awhile.  Our campground is in Kent which is not too far from Seattle.  The campground is not pretty, but meets our needs to be close right now.   We will have breakfast with Jason tomorrow and begin to plan our stay here.  We plan to do some hiking in the Cascades and the Olympic mountains.  I’ve been researching campgrounds.  I found one or two not too far north of Seattle that we will check out this week-end for possible stays when we’re aren’t hiking the mountains.

4 Comments on “Seattle!

  1. Welcome to the west coast 🙂 I love reading your blog, Linda your a fabulous writer ! Be sure to check out some of the islands Bainbridge or Vashon. fashion has some great local farms that do tours – also some amazing cheese ! XO


    • One of our options on our return trip is to go through B.C. and head to Banff. We probably won’t consider it for this trip unless we can get our heater fixed. We shivering now in Seattle. Brrrrr.


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