Dart on the Beach

Dart on the beach at sunrise.

Yesterday morning we went to the beach to watch the sunrise.  I took Dart so he could pose for beach pictures.  The tripod was in the motor home, so I had to do without.  The clouds and colors were great, but most of my pictures are too blurry.  Shortly after I took the picture above, the rain passed overhead and it began to pour.  We weren’t dressed for it and I didn’t have a cover for the camera, so we had to dash back to the car before the sun rose above the horizon.

Dart on the beach at sunrise. There are a couple fishing boats on the horizon.
Windblown Dart on the beach.

Tonight, I went to the motor home to get the tripod while Regis made dinner.  As I was entering the storage lot, I realized I forgot the keys.  I headed back home and was blocked by an accident.  Route 1 was shut down.  That meant I either had to go out to 95 and loop around or head to A1A on the ocean and go to St. Augustine and then back up route 1.  The second option would take longer but it would be prettier.  The sun was going down, so I was sure to get good views of the ocean and St. Augustine.  That’s the way I went.  Regis probably thought I had been abducted by aliens because it took me at least an hour to get home this round about way.  The plan was to hit the beach again in the morning for sunrise but we are going to do sunset instead!  I still need the tripod.

This is what I came home to.  Regis knows how to make pretty meals.  They also taste great.  I think this skill runs in his family.

Regis cooked this for dinner based on an old Taste of Home recipe. Yum!

In the evening, Dart and I go for a walk around a local lake.  We almost always see bluebirds.  Here is one of the locals we get to see.

Bluebird in St. Augustine.

Sometimes, the sprinklers are running and there are a lot of bluebirds, as well as other types of birds, that bathe on the sidewalks in the water spray.  It’s great fun to watch.  There is a large fish that hangs out in the lake.  I see the top of the fish sticking out of the water while it is in the shallows, but whenever I get closer to take a look, he flips around and swims away.  He always makes a great splash but I never get to see him.

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