Beach walking and bronze god?

South Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (GTM NERR north beach access)

Ok, now that you clicked over here, there are no pictures of me in a speedo, (And this is a post from Regis to landrtravles). The 15 extra pounds are keeping that from happening, but watch this space!

I was recently at a dinner party at a house on the  beach with a bunch of really nice people. I learned about Egypt and a group called Life Makers, check them out. Several of my new friends flattered me to no end about being the handsomest man there!  Ok, I was the ONLY man there, at the end, but lets skip that part. Made me start thinking about the state of my tan. I do spend a fair amount of time outside in shorts and a tank top. So I have a modified farmer tan. I thought I should spend some time to even it out a bit. So, off to the beach I went. Hint, go to the beach during the work week and you get miles of beach to yourself, almost.

Anyway, walking to the beach at the access point I spotted something at the base  of the dune. Turtles? Wait, not this time of year. Sea turtles nest on the beach above high tide, but not this late in the year. I walked up closer (as a side note, ever see a tortoise running?) and  identified them as Gopher Tortoises. They are about the size of a volley ball  and slightly flat.  They look like a huge engorged tick.  They live on land, sometimes in dune areas. I spotted five in ten minutes.

Gopher Tortoise
Gopher Tortoise, South Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (GTM NERR)

Next afternoon, I went back with Linda and Dart and a camera.  We saw three tortoises high up on the dune. I had the wrong lens.  Dart was off  leash and had a great time! We met a lady from Colorado, and showed her the Tortoises. She said she had one last Florida animal she wanted to see – an alligator. It just so happens we had seen a fairly large gator in a corner pond not far away. Once we drew directions in the sand, she literally ran off to her car! I don’t think she could have left faster! I hope she found the gator.

Willet at South Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (GTM NERR)
Willet at South Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (GTM NERR)
Beach debris
Beach debris on South Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (GTM NERR)

Back to the beach with a camera and the correct lens.  I went back early with camera to snap some tortoise pictures. I guess I was too early (9am).  I walked for close to 3.5 miles before I saw the first tortoise! Even though this is Florida, it did get down to 53 degrees the  night before. I guess the tortoises needed to get warmed up a bit! Yeah, I can relate!

One Comment on “Beach walking and bronze god?

  1. OMG, Regis.. the speedo part does not put a very good picture in my head. 🙂 I suppose those cookies and sweets are catching up on you? Welcome to my world. LOL
    I enjoyed this post very much. Great pictures.


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