Tides and Tanks

Whiting Bay in Maine.

We are staying by Whiting Bay in Maine.  The tide changes are 24 feet here.  Regis captured some of it with some video.  To see it click here.   He had many obstacles in his way the last couple of days including rainy weather.  But, he stuck with it and got something.  Notice the two islands on the right in the video to get a better feel for the tide changes.

I also want to mention some of the problems associated with one of the features in our motor home.  A motor home has a black water tank (human waste), a gray water tank (sink waste), and a freshwater tank.  The sensors on our black and gray water tanks have never worked properly.  If you have full hook-ups, it isn’t too bad.  It’s a nuisance but we can live with it.  When you are boondocking, knowing how full the tanks are is important.  We managed to go a whole week on Mount Desert Island on our tanks but did not take showers in the motor home.  There were reasonable showers at the campground.  At our current location, we choose to take showers in the motor home.  Therefore, we know that the gray water tank will fill faster but have no idea the status at any given time.  Regis tells me you will know it is full if the gray water starts coming up through the shower drain since it is the lowest point.  When I wanted to take a shower, he suggested going ahead and if the water stopped going down the drain then I would know the tank was full.  I, of course, do not think that is a good idea.  After that, when Regis was emptying the tanks, he said he was sure they could fit more.  He wants to perform an experiment to figure out just how much they will hold but I am more interested in sight seeing.

I win today.  No experimenting.  We are going on a coastal hike.

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