Happy Canada day! 150 and doing well. If I had a good connection, I would include a musical interlude of “OH Canada”. (If anyone is so motivated please feel free to share a version in the comments below.)

Since we are in Canada for this great day we thought it appropriate to be like most other Canadians. We got the Maple Leaf and banners flying, Canadian beer chilling in the fridge, and fighting off the mosquitoes left and right!

oh canada1.jpg
Dart not too happy about this!

I know, the mosquitoes are not unique to Canada but the farther north we go, the more there seems to be. We did see a porcupine fast asleep on the side of the boat rental shack next to the ICE machine. This guy was out cold and not about to move. Can you imagine him getting startled out of a deep sleep, quills “flying” everywhere!



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  1. Thanks so much, I’ll have to wait to hear it, don’t want to break (use all) my band width. Not only do they only give you a 24 hr password,but it looks like they limit data as well!


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