Where’s Dart (5)?

0703 Where's Dart 5 (1 of 1)
Where’s Dart (5)? What’ city?

Name the city where Dart is located?  It boasts that it is the home of the world’s largest lobster.  In fact, it’s lobster festival starts July 5 and has been going on since 1949.

I’m dying because of our internet access issues.  We can’t even find a place to buy a sim card to get a Canada plan.  Access in the campgrounds is terrible.  If there is one thing I can’t stand living without, it is technology.  Regis and I spent our careers in technology and love and appreciate it.  Giving it up for a couple days is ok, but this is killing me.

Dart and I saw a grouse on our morning walk recently.  As I was taking a video of the grouse crossing our path, I saw a small thing run across the path behind it.  At first I thought it might be a mouse.  It turns out to be a baby grouse.  This is another video we will post when we can get sufficient access to do so.

Regis bought an outdoor screened shelter to help us enjoy the outdoors.  We were sure it would reduce our mosquito problem moving forward.  In our new campsite, that appears to be the case.  The campground is on the water with a stiff breeze.  Mosquitoes get blown away.  How nice!!

Bonus question:  We crossed over on Confederation Bridge.  What island are we on?

3 Comments on “Where’s Dart (5)?

  1. Cool. My guess is Shediac, New Brunswick? And is the island Prince Edward Island?


  2. You are correct on both. Shediac is a nice little town. We will spend the next several days exploring PEI.


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