Dinosaur in Wall, South Dakota.

While we were in Mitchell, South Dakota it rained and rained.  It was also cold enough that we had to turn on the propane heater.  We can’t remember the last time we had to use it.  Fortunately, it worked.

Sometime in the middle of the night, while listening to the rain pounding on the roof, Regis and I were awake at the same time and a conversation similar to the following took place.

Linda:  The burner on the heater sounds weird.

Regis:  Yeah, there is a sound like a cow mooing.

Linda:  That probably is a cow mooing.  Didn’t you see the herd of cows in the field next to the campground?

Regis:  I didn’t notice. (This coming from a man that is usually so observant he could be a spy.)

As the evening wore on, the moo sounds greatly increased.

Regis:  Now I know what it’s like to try to sleep during a cattle drive.

As we headed west on Route 90, the landscape changed significantly after we crossed the Missouri river.  There were much fewer trees.  The billboard signs were smaller and closer to the ground.  During one stretch of road, even the road signs were small and close to the ground.  Is it maybe a bit windy out here?  Alternatively, the billboard signs don’t have to compete with anything else since there are few trees, buildings, or anything else to compete with them.  But, it’s interesting that they are basically sitting on the ground.

Now we are in Wall, South Dakota and it has been raining since we got here.  We think that South Dakota must be getting it’s yearly rainfall while we are here!  I don’t expect we’ll hike in it until the worst is over.  But, we’ll go exploring.  I have been in South Dakota a couple times and it was hot and dry.  It will be interesting to see how different it looks in the fog.

3 Comments on “Moos

  1. Somewhere in the many boxes of photographs stashed in my parents’ bedroom closet is one of me and my siblings standing near that dinosaur. I was in the 4th grade and we were on a trip from California to Minnesota to visit my grandmother. I thought it was awesome then and it’s still pretty neat today! Thanks for sharing and continued safe adventures to you!

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  2. I remember seeing that dinosaur moving east as we whizzed by. Sorry about all the rain. When we were driving through the only rain we hit was a brief shower in Iowa. The weather the whole trip was pleasant.
    Were the cows that close to the campsite? I reckon it was a moooving experience. 🙂
    Happy and safe travels.

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    • It sounded like the cows were gathered around the RV but they were about 50 yards away. Yes, it was moooving. 🙂


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