Unlikely Pair

I recently joined some members of the St. Augustine Camera Club on an all day boat tour of the St. Johns River on Eco-Tours out of DeBary, Florida. The boat was at 25-33% capacity and there was plenty of room for us and our camera gear. The crew were very knowledgeable and delightful. The most unusual thing I saw was this unlikely pair of an alligator and a turtle sunning together. Alligators eat turtles, but these reptiles were more interested in sunning than eating.

Our trip began with this beautiful pileated woodpecker.

The most adorable critter was the young osprey in a nest.

These two white ibises were showing their breeding colors.

These blue herons were sitting on a nest.

We saw several manatees including mother and calf pairs.

The toughest thing to watch was this great white heron eating a frog.

2 Comments on “Unlikely Pair

  1. WOW! Amazing pics!…..I didn’t know alligators and turtles liked to sun together! Sort of like the story of gingerbread man and riding on the crafty fox’s back across the river! Beautiful pics Linda and Regis! šŸ¤—Thanks for sharing!


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  2. Thank you. I have never see an alligator and turtle sunning together until yesterday.


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