Food Poisoning

Great-horned owl behind our house.

It’s been a rough week. Last Wednesday I became ill and had a fever of 101 by Thursday. I wear a mask in enclosed spaces but was, of course, worried I got COVID. I got tested Thursday and it came back negative. Whew for all the people I had been around. When not better by Friday, I did a telemedicine chat with my doctor, and it was determined I have food poisoning. Lesson learned: Wash your fresh produce before eating it. I have not been this sick in decades. I am not fully recovered yet and it has been six days.

In the meantime, my healthy husband got some pics. We had a great horned owl show up behind our house and the wading birds have been congregating in the marsh behind the house. We also know a place where some of them congregate in the mornings and evenings at a nearby hospital.

Little blue heron in the marsh behind our house.
Roseate spoonbills at Flagler Hospital.

6 Comments on “Food Poisoning

  1. Feel better,Linda!… also could have been some sort of stomach virus…. Poor baby!😇

    Love, Joy💖


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    • That is true, but since I regularly wear a mask, the doctor thought it more likely that it was food poisoning. Also, Regis and his mom did not get sick, suggesting it was not contagious. We do not know for sure. Either way, the cure is the same. Wait until your body fixes itself.


  2. Ugh! I had food poisoning years ago after a party, so I get this. I blamed it on the sour cream dip. Like you, I never want to be that sick again!


    • So sorry to hear that. It’s interesting that it doesn’t happen to us more often.


  3. Oh my! So sorry you had to go through that. That is awful. Glad you are getting better. Bless you.


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