Bigger boat?

Since I had to leave the RV park I was staying in Pensacola because it was booked for the weekend, I used that time to go St. Augustine to pick up the remaining items out of my storage unit. While packing the house to move to Washington, I set aside things I thought I could use on the boat. No sense moving it to Washington to bring it back. I got a storage unit and put all the boat stuff there.

When I took possession of the boat in July, I made a trip to the storage unit with the rental car, however the entire contents of the storage unit would not fit in the car. At that time, I filled the car with what I needed immediately. In returning to the storage unit recently, I was able to pick up the remaining items and cancel the unit.

The last of the storage unit.

Getting back to the boat with another carload of things, I quickly made a mess of all the work done so far. Since I had already removed lots of things off the boat, there was room for this load. Of course, it all needed to be sorted like everything else. I think a lot of stuff is going back to Washington with Linda when she picks up the RV to take it back. When I started hoarding stuff in the storage unit, I was planning to get a 42-foot boat. The one I got is 36-foot. That difference of 6 feet is huge.

I am now spending time fixing and updating things as I find them. Great progress has been made with two thirds of the boat (inside) sorted. I got sheets installed on the bunks. I am now moving small piles of stuff back and forth. I try and find places to store these, but I tend to move it often because it’s in the way of whatever fix needs to be done. The same is true for the drawers I have done. I needed to empty one so I could work behind it. At least I have some space to work with now.

Just need some Real pillows
The single bunk. With two tiny pillows

The front is the last section to do. I have been chipping away at it, but I am in fix-it mode now.

Front section. Looks worse than it is.

One Comment on “Bigger boat?

  1. Sure sounds like you have been super busy Regis. Bet you will be glad when everything is finally done and you get to take off with the boat.

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