Bushtits (Psaltriparus minimus)

I was watering plants outside yesterday and saw and heard a lot of tiny birds in the nearby trees. I stopped watering and grabbed my camera and got some pictures of these adorable bushtits. They sometimes grouped together with as many as 7 birds huddled next to each other on the same branch. Male and juvenile bush tits have black eyes while the females have pale eyes. The birds were gleaning insects from the trees.

Female bushtit.
Female bushtit.
Male or juvenile bushtit.
Six bushtits.

In the evening, I took Dart with me to watch the sunset. I brought his bed. After I set up the tripod, I placed his bed near it and laid him in the bed. He had his head raised the entire time as he watched over the water and perhaps watched the sunset. He never moved a leg or paw for the almost 45 minutes we were there. There is usually a small gathering of people that show up for the sunsets. It is nice.

Sunset over the Olympic mountains and Dye’s inlet, taken from the Tracyton boat launch.

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