Seattle by Ferry, Nice!

We went to Seattle today and gave Coco back to Jason.  We went to Bainbridge Island and took the ferry into Seattle.  The ride was beautiful and we got on the ferry pretty quickly.  So, it was a very pleasant ride into Seattle and turned out to be a nice ride back also.   The following are pictures of Seattle from the ferry back to Bainbridge.

It was hot in Seattle and Jason does not have air conditioning in his apartment.  His apartment was HOT!  He bought a portable air conditioning unit this morning but it wasn’t working.  Regis and Jason exchanged it this afternoon and got the new unit running as soon as they returned.  Jason says it got down to 82 degrees at about 9:30 tonight.  Meanwhile, it was 59 degrees outside when we got back to the RV this evening.  We are about 73 miles from Jason.

This hot then cold stuff is driving me nuts!  I have to carry a jacket wherever I go, but have a no sleeved shirt as my base top.  It could be 90 or it could be 60.  Jeepers!  If you don’t like the temperature, wait a couple hours.

Dart still doesn’t like elevators.  His first time in an elevator was when we visited Jason a few weeks ago.  He had to go back in the elevator today.  He was somewhat braver but still not a happy guy.  He doesn’t like all the noise the elevator makes, so he hides behind my legs.

2 Comments on “Seattle by Ferry, Nice!

  1. I’m still surprised it’s that warm in Seattle (82 at 9:30 sounds like what we’ve had!).. I bet Coco was happy to see her dad again. I had all my guys in elevators when Linda F and I went to Louisville in March. We were on the top floor (huh? with dogs they did this??). I guess everyone was OK with it, even Elvis didn’t seem to mind too much. I think I minded more than they did, talk about noise…
    Stay warm/cool!


    • It’s hard to blame the dogs about being concerned about elevator noises. I am too!


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