Billboards and Smashed Dishes

We went from Kansas City, Missouri to just east of St. Louis today.  Missouri has more billboards than any state we have been in to date.  It’s amazing.  A good percentage of them are advertising for advertisers.  If you read all the billboards, you couldn’t watch the road.  I wonder how many accidents occur on Missouri highways versus other states.  Anyway, we were overwhelmed by the billboards.  Amazing.

We crossed the Missouri River several times and eventually the mighty Mississippi River.   Regis and I are currently “discussing” plans for tomorrow during the day.  I would like to go to the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi and he could care less.  We’ll probably wind up staying here and dusting the RV. 🙂

Mississippi River

Less than 2 miles from our camp ground, Regis hit the curb with the RV while taking a turn.  Considering how many miles we have traveled and that he usually drives, it is amazing it took this long for something like this to happen and that it happened while he was driving, not me.  The good news is that nothing terrible happened to the RV.  The bad news is that the cabinet containing the dishes opened and tossed most of the dishes into the RV.  I can tell you that Corelle dishes shatter into shards and dangerous pieces just like glass.  It took well over an hour to try to clean it all up.  I can’t believe how many places the pieces got into.  It was in every nook and cranny you could think of including seat cushions, behind chairs, and in other drawers.  In all, only 3 small plates and 2 large plates smashes completely but there was so much to clean up you would have thought several sets of dishes broke.

Regis was discouraged enough that he went out and found some beer so we could just relax all afternoon.  The weather is beautiful here and it is SOOOOOOO green.  I really like this place.

We are visiting a friend of mine tomorrow evening and I’m really looking forward to getting together with her and her husband.  Dart will need to come along so I hope he is a perfect gentleman for the evening.

Tuesday morning we will head to Indiana for an overnight stop before heading to Pittsburgh to visit family members.

5 Comments on “Billboards and Smashed Dishes

  1. I shattered a corelle bowl one time, and you’d have thought i dropped 10 of them. Crazy amount of shrapnel.
    Tell Mom I said hi!


    • Will do! And, we’ll be looking for an alternative set of dishes for the RV that are not so “dangerous”.


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever broken Corelle… I’ll make a note to self NOT to! We have some metal plates we use for camping, but flying metal plates in an RV might not be good either.

    When I was a kid I remember road trips with my parents and all the road signs for Burma Shave… and ‘See Rock City’. When you get closer to the South they may still have some!


  3. Well, your adventure is getting closer to home now….it sure has been interesting reading, for sure….
    We just got back from MI yesterday, was gone for long weekend, seeing a friend and Darcie.

    Let us know if you have time while in PGH, I know you never get to see your Mom’s side of the family much so we understand. We can always stop at Judy’s if you want depending on our schedule. Drive safe especially on PGH streets….narrow streets…..


    • We are in Indiana close to the Ohio border and headed for Pittsburgh tomorrow. Regis will coordinate with his mom when we get there. I have your number and will call after Regis talks to his mom. We’d love to see as many folks as we can! We will be there tomorrow late afternoon and evening and all day Thursday.


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