Devil’s Tower

Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.
Dart at Devil’s Tower National Monument.

Dart was at Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming.  It was a beautiful drive from Rapid City, South Dakota to Devil’s Tower.  The grass was very green so it looked lush.  We saw Pronghorn’s and Deer on the way.

We have a great view of Devil’s Tower from our campsite.  After we set up and got lunch, we drove to the Tower.  Dart is not allowed on any of the trails, so there wasn’t much we could do besides stop and look at the Tower from different angles.  We saw several climbers.

Climbers on Devils Tower. There is one (orange) just to the top right of the Tower and another one (dark clothes) half way down.

We stopped at the Prairie Dog town on the way back from the Tower.  These Prairie Dog’s look much healthier than the ones we saw in the Badlands.  I was hoping to see some babies but I guess they are in the burrows or haven’t been born yet.  This one female looked like she’s been nursing or is getting ready.

Female Prairie Dog at Devil’s Tower. Notice her long toe nails.
Prairie Dog at Devil’s Tower.

We spent a major part of the afternoon watching the climbers from our campsite.  You need some optics to see them.  We have a scope, so Regis set it up and gave me updates on the progress of each of the climbers.  They were named by the color of their clothes.  I occasionally watched with the binoculars, but mostly just enjoyed the weather and tried to identify the local birds.

Climbers at Devil’s Tower as photographed by a cell phone through the scope.
Flowers at Devil’s Tower.

We have to be in Vancouver, Washington (just north of Portland, Oregon) by Sunday so there will be no dallying between here and there.

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