Rhododendron bloom on Mount Walker.

June 5

We spent the day exploring the west edge of the Hood Canal. We set out in search of Eagles and found some. Mostly, the Eagles were soaring over the side of the mountain but one adult sat in a tree nearby and one Juvenile did a fly by.

Immature Bald Eagle.

We drive to the top of Mount Walker and there were lots of rhododendrons in bloom. When we got to the top and had to walk a short way from the car to the viewpoint, Regis had to point out that he saw more rhododendrons in bloom in that short space than our entire 3 mile walk the other day. The blooms are beautiful. There are foxgloves blooming and some yellow flowers beginning to burst into bloom everywhere. Spring is a lovely time to be here.

View south from Mount Walker.

From the south viewpoint, we could see Seattle in the distance. From the north viewpoint, we could see Port Townsend, Whidbey Island, and Mount Baker. It was pretty cool to get a view from above of the places we will soon be visiting.

View of Seattle from Mount Walker.
View of Mount Baker from Mount Walker.

While Dart and I were walking today, we found an injured mouse. The mouse’s leg was broken. I called my friend Melody who knows how to rehabilitate wildlife and she told me how to help the little mouse. Regis and I were going to have to perform surgery, but we had the tools to do it. We never got that far. I tried to give it water but it was so weak by then, it couldn’t drink it. Sadly, the little mouse didn’t live long. The mouse may have had internal injuries. I’m guessing it was hit by a car.

Rhododendron bloom on Mount Walker.

4 Comments on “Rhododendrons

  1. Aww. Sad about the mouse.
    I love the flower and eagle pictures. You really take awesome photos.

  2. The rodies are so beautiful. I had a lot of them in My yard when I lived in Portland. Your pictures are beautiful. Sure brings back some memories

  3. Keep the reports coming. We all enjoy them. I have just about given up on taking photos of birds while they are flying.

    • It’s very hard to do but I have a feature on my camera that makes it possible to track the bird. It is hard to do with smaller birds. Then, a dark bird flying against a dark sky often messes up the exposure. I toss a lot of pictures out when I try to get a flying bird. Only rarely are they in focus. I keep trying!

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