New House

Dart photobombing my picture.

By Linda

It’s a bit crazy, but Regis, Dart, and I moved to a new house a couple miles away. This house is on the marsh. It may be under water in the near future, but so will much of the rest of Florida. We figured we would live while we are still alive. We love it.

Dart photobombing another picture.

I’ve been recording the birds I see on my daily walks with Dart. I use eBird if anyone is interested in the results. I have been amazed at the variety. I saw a Great Horned Owl on one of our evening walks. I saw a Reddish Egret today in one of the ponds. We put up a bluebird box in the backyard and the bluebirds showed up the next day. I put out a hummingbird feeder and saw a hummingbird the next day. We put out a regular feeder and it is swamped with birds.

Not a good picture, but it shows sunrise from our backyard.

My neighbor told me she saw a bobcat yesterday. I’ve seen racoons twice. The night we put out the garbage, I had a plastic bag with packing materials that would not fit in the garbage bin. I figured it would be safe since there was no food in it. While doing my thing in my office, I noticed that a racoon showed up to check out the garbage. Regis ran out to chase it off. When he came back in, the racoon immediately returned. Regis ran out again and noticed there were two racoons. The one racoon ran into the bushes across the street and turned around to look at Regis. It was clear that the racoons would win this one.

I’m working to become a real estate and pet photographer. So, I’ve been taking lots of pictures and videos of the new house to practice. I’m still not happy with the pictures, but I get a kick out of Dart photo bombing many of them. He’s my little buddy and follows me everywhere. I enjoy his company but sometimes the little guy is in the way.

I’m beginning to recognize some of the individual birds on our walks. There is a Carolina Chickadee couple that went from chasing each other around to begin building a nest. There are a few Mourning Doves that are twitter pated (if you don’t know what that means, watch Bambi). There is a Mockingbird that is regularly in the same spot.

It’s pretty cool getting to know certain birds along our regular route.

Dart and I walk a mile round trip in the morning. It’s shorter than he is used to, but he gets to sniff all those great smells along the way while I stop regularly to check out the bird activity.

On the household side, I have a story. We have a couple fire ant mounds and I was concerned about the fire ants biting Dart. I looked up a recipe to get rid of them without introducing toxins in the environment. The recipe called for Dawn dishwashing detergent and orange oil, both of which I have. I made the recipe and did my thing.

That night I started the dishwasher and shortly afterward noticed suds coming out of the dishwasher. I yelled to Regis that we had a disaster. He pointed out that we had SUDS coming out of the dishwasher and why was that. We did a load of dishes the prior day with no problem. I thought through it and realized that I had measured the Dawn dish detergent in a measuring cup for the Fire Ant Killer recipe and put the measuring cup in the dishwasher to be cleaned. Apparently, it had enough detergent to cause a major problem in the dishwasher. Regis had to get out the wet/dry vac to vacuum up all the suds! Yeegads!

2 Comments on “New House

  1. Linda I love your posts. We will miss you on the Miracle Medio Drive-but you are close so that’s good. Anxious to see your new digs.


    • We’ll invite you over soon. We aren’t very far. I’ll still see everyone regularly.


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