Stitch the Pelican and the Dancing Gull

Stitch the Pelican.

Stitch is a pelican that required surgery to close up a tear in his pouch. That happened in 2004. Stitch was released into the wild after undergoing rehabilitation at the Ark in St. Augustine, Florida. Stitch chose to come back and spend his remaining days at the Ark. Unbelievable. The owner of the rehabilitation facility recognized the scar on Stitch’s pouch and realized she had seen him before.

I went to get a few pictures of Stitch in hopes that the St. Augustine Record would do a story on him. They did a story back in 2004. The caretakers weren’t sure how much longer Stitch will be with us, so they needed pictures in a hurry.

While we were there, my dear friend pointed out that the Laughing Gull was doing some fancy footwork. I was so busy trying to get a picture of Stitch in bad lighting, that I wasn’t paying attention. (Stitch is not doing well and should not be moved.) After my friend mentioned it, I realized that I heard drumming. This little gull is hilarious.

Dancing Laughing Gull.

Regis and I went into St. Augustine this evening to get a look at the Santa Maria. This is a replica of the original Santa Maria. I have to wonder how bad things must have been for a bunch of guys to jump on this little ship and head out across the ocean to the unknown.

Great Egret checking out the Santa Maria.
At the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine with the Santa Maria in the background.
Really? This is what we found while we were walking down the street in St. Augustine.

4 Comments on “Stitch the Pelican and the Dancing Gull

  1. I’m confused…did it fall into the well while it was walking down the street in St Augustine or were you walking down the street? Just asking. 😉


    • Good catch! We were walking down the street. I was saying to Regis that I hope this guy was fake and we all weren’t walking by some poor dead guy just because he’s at the entrance to the ghost tours.


  2. I’m sure he’s supposed to be a waiter, but that creepy little marionette-man in the pit looks like he fried himself using one of those tanning reflectors.

    And I love the happy seagull! We should all have the kind of enthusiasm for life that makes us tap our toes and stomp our feet.


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