In Florida, but not Home Yet

I saw my first Brown Pelican today since we left Florida. We were driving over one of the many bridges in either Mississippi or Alabama. This wasn’t the pelican I saw, but it’s a brown pelican.

After Amarillo, Texas we stayed in the KOA in Abilene, Texas. It was nice. We moved on to the KOA in Canton, Texas and picked up lots of grasshoppers along the way. They were all over the grill of the motorhome and even in the hubcaps. It was a bit nightmarish. The Q and Brew brewpub was located in the Silver Spur Resort (KOA) where we were camped and we took advantage of picking up some dinner and Regis got himself a growler. The food was very good and we highly recommend stopping there for a bite to eat if you are in Canton, Texas. We picked up extra food for our next night. Regis is looking forward to filling the growler on a return trip.

From there we went to Lafayette, Louisiana and stayed at the local KOA. We stayed in the newer section which was nice. It is located on a small lake, allowing me to watch the ducks. It was hot and humid and impossible to stay outside. The air conditioners in the motorhome were on full blast and stayed that way almost all night. It reminds me how much I hate camping in hot weather. The air conditioners have trouble cooling things enough to make it tolerable when it is very hot outside and I hate the feel of the air conditioners blowing on me. I should appreciate the blowing cold air as a respite from the heat, but it bugs me and I have to put a sweater on even though it is still hot.

We have been fortunate that our two plus months on the road rarely brought us terribly hot weather. We had a few places where it was hot in the afternoon but cooled off at night. As we make our way south, it has become uncomfortably hot.

Nevertheless, we arrived in Pensacola, Florida and it is 88 degrees and nice compared to the last several days. It rained briefly as soon as we crossed the Florida border and it got rid of a bunch of those grasshopper carcasses we have been bringing home. Also, the bike rack broke completely yesterday and we had to put the bikes in the back of the Jeep. Fortunately, they fit.

The skies were ugly in Louisiana. There were no clouds, but you couldn’t see the sky. Perhaps it was just a lot of humidity hanging in the air. The sky has become increasingly bluer as we drove east to Florida. We are currently camped by palm trees and I am very ready to get back home tomorrow. I can’t wait to start our trips and by the end I can’t wait to get back home. It’s all good.

Dart continues to vacillate between eating and not eating. I’m glad to see him eat when he does, so I am not as concerned as I was in Ouray when I had to hand feed him. For the last month, almost every night, he wakes me up to take him outside to relieve himself. He also drinks lots of water. This has never been an issue with him, so I’ll be taking him in for a checkup when we get back. He is currently in good spirits and I am certain he will be glad to get home tomorrow.

We have 369 miles to go tomorrow to pull up in our driveway. I have been deep cleaning the RV over the last few days. It gets very dusty on our travels and I do this during that last stops before we get home. I keep up with normal cleaning regularly, but I washed down the walls and every nook and cranny at the end of the trip. When we get back, we have a guy who details the outside of our RV and does our Jeep after every adventure. Everything always looks like brand new when he is finished. I do a good job keeping the inside clean, so the motorhome looks great after five cross country trips. Regis is constantly on top of the maintenance and now has a list of “improvements” he wants to make before our next trip.

I saw my first egret while in Texas and it was a reminder of home. I didn’t get a picture, so I’m posting an old picture of a great egret.

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