First Boat Ride

It’s now the time in this tale where I get on the boat and claim her as mine. Whoo Whoo!

To get the boat, I first had to get it off the navy base where it was located which was no small task. Access to the base is not allowed to the general public, however, active/retired military can bring guests in. Thank you very much Chris, Bryant, and Courtney.

Because I had never operated a boat of this size, I hired a captain to help move it to the new marina. Captain Larry and I started going over the boat, removing extra dock lines, checking fluids, calling the previous owner for starting instructions, etc. As the morning moved on and we were about to leave the dock, big thunderstorms started to grow over where we wanted to go. Captain Larry checked the radar and we decided to hang tight at the navy base to wait out the storm. After a couple hours of chit chat and with the stories subsiding, we took off into the slightly gloomy midday drizzle.

We timed it perfect. We got a little wet undoing the dock lines but after that it was dry cruising. The ride to the new marina was less than one hour. On the trip over, Captain Larry showed me how to do various maneuvers, like spin the boat around in one spot and other of tips and tricks. When you read stories about boat life, a common theme is the need to be flexible. At times you have to wait for weather and at other times mechanical issues will cause a change of plan.

During the days leading up to this trip, my plan to haul the boat out of the water and store it on land fell apart. When I contacted the first boat yard to schedule a time to pull the boat, they told me that there was no space to store it. That would have been nice to know four weeks ago when I first talked to them.

During the document signing drama I was working on trying to solve this boat storage problem now that I had a date to take ownership. I had my broker talking with the previous owner’s broker, and any one they could think of, to find a spot for me. After a couple of days, I got word back that a spot was being held for my arrival on Saturday. As Captain Larry and I pulled up to the dock at that location, we were thinking how lucky we were because there was a marina guy there. We hoped he could help with the dock lines, but he was there to help the boat coming in behind us. After some back and forth, it appears my dock space was never confirmed, or I got bad information. Either way, the man pointed us over to another dock and said to tie up over there and we will get it sorted out. After he finished with that boat, he came over and he got me into a slip and said I could work out the details with the office when they opened in two days. I got to the office when it opened and they set me up to stay there for a couple months. Super nice folks.

Next up moving in day.

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