Mt. Walker and Pups with a Toy

The other day, I took a vacation from the dogs and went to Mt. Walker which is only 49 miles away. I wanted to get some views of Seattle, but I knew there was smoke and was prepared for the outcome. It was hazy and I could not see Seattle. It took a few minutes for me to get my bearings since I could not see beyond the Hood Canal.

View north from Mt. Walker. There is too much haze to see beyond the Hood Canal.
Same location in June 2018. Using a telephoto lens, I was able to see Seattle.

The dogs did not destroy the house in my absence. Later that evening, the collies started to play with one of Clover’s favorite toys. She loves these little animals I got from Orvis. It is impossible to keep the area carpets in place with them playing so often.

After playing, Raven began chewing which is what he does when he is not sleeping, eating, or walking. He chews a lot more than Clover, but he rarely chews anything he is not allowed. Raven almost chewed the legs off the animal toy. Once I realized where this was headed, I removed the toy and cut the legs off. Clover loves her animals and does not chew as much as Raven. I will keep her legless toy and the other animal aside for when she is in her pen or crate and can have them without danger of them being stolen and chewed.

Chewed legs on Clover’s favorite Orvis toy.

With all the smoke, I thought the sunset would be amazing, so Dart and I went to the Tracyton boat launch to watch it. There were no clouds in the sky. It was beautiful but not astonishing. There is no sunset that I do not appreciate to the fullest, but some sunsets are spectacular, and this was not.

Sunset from Tracyton boat launch.

Around 3:00 in the morning Dart needed to go out and I let the collies out of their pens to go out also. I did not put them back. When I woke up, I found Clover and Raven sleeping in their own peculiar way. Later, I opened my drawers to get my clothes out prior to my shower and Clover was standing next to the dresser. When I opened my sock drawer, she stuck her head in as fast as a speeding bullet. I had to wrestle her out. If she figures out how to open that drawer, my socks are doomed.

Clover asleep.
Raven asleep. He likes my down comforter and enjoys whatever hangs over from the bed.

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