Boat work = time warp?

Linda flew back to Washington two days ago and I used the rental car to the fullest. I was running here and there picking up bits and bobs for a couple of boat projects I want to do after leaving this marina.

As a Cold front was coming through today causing off and on rain, I started a project to keep me occupied for an hour or so. In a previous post we talked about the anchor alarm and it’s propensity to be inaccurate. (see post here). My hopeful solution was to install a dedicated GPS antenna and not rely on the built in one on the anchor alarm. Everything I had read pointed to this being the correct solution. My plan was to lay out the antenna, connect it, test for workability, and then install it nice and neat. Shouldn’t take more than an hour right? The testing part worked fine, getting it installed nice and neat took some work. There are wires running everywhere on the boat. They have dedicated places to run through to keep everything simple. Run a new wire through the pathway and boom done. Well…

I had found an old abandoned wire I could use to pull the new wire through the pathway. I taped the new and old wire together and started pulling. It only had to go about 20 inches (50 cm) through the ceiling but about half way it stopped. I thought the two wires taped together where too thick. I tried to pull it back but it would not move. I was stuck. Could not go forward and could not go back. Only one thing to do now, Take the ceiling apart.

Lucky for me this is a old boat, everything was built to be modular and accessible. If this has been a newer boat everything may have been molded into place with no hope of access. I set to the task of removing the ceiling panels and the overhead dash panel so I could get my hands in and work the wire free. Once everything was apart and the new wire run, it was just a matter of re-installing the ceiling panels and dash with about 30 screws.

And that’s how a 1 hour project turns into a 4 hour ordeal.

All nice and neat again.

The antenna works great.

This is after about two hours. there are no trails, unlike before when it would show the boat moving in a 20 by 30 foot box while tied to the dock.

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