Losing My Mind

I spent my career in the tech industry and it was chaotic and difficult. Technology changes rapidly, there are large development projects to manage quickly, etc. I have been enjoying a retirement without all that drama.

Now, we are in the process of purchasing a house in St. Augustine Florida which brings all its stuff with it. I am trying to get the house listed and sold in Bremerton. Between those two things, its crazy. Meanwhile, I have two juvenile collies to try to make model canine citizens with mixed results.

Recently, I googled to get Stanley Steemer to come clean my floors. In that process, I think I clicked on a link that was not Stanley Steemer, started filling out the information, realized it was not the right link, and backed out. I then made an online schedule with Stanley Steemer. I got a text about when I wanted to schedule a cleaning and I said I already had one at a specific time. The texter said something like I’m sorry. On the day of the scheduled cleaning, I got a text from Stanley Steemer they were on their way. About a half our later, I got a call from another company that said they were on their way. What? How did I not miss that? I got it so only one company showed up. Stanley Steemer did an amazing job, wow.

I started Raven in pre-agility training recently and he did well. I was happy to see his improvement over our last training effort a couple months ago. Clover was scheduled for nosework but the instructor got sick so we missed this weeks class. I worked with both dogs on the agility training and Raven is so focused on food he can’t stop looking at my hand. He does well, but I have to work on this. Clover did not go to pre-agility training and when I took her out to try what I learned with her, she aced everything. She is focused on the challenge and praise. They each have their strengths and it will be fun to work with each of them.

I let the krakens out to go to the car with me so we could go to a local park to walk. They have been wonderful about coming to the car and getting in. Not today. They took off to explore the neighborhood. Being herding dogs, I was pretty certain they would return but was concerned they would venture to a nearby busy road and get hit by a car. While I was trying to decide whether to get in the car to look for them or wait in the driveway for them to come back, I saw them head down the driveway. I caught up with them in the backyard and told them to come and did so with great enthusiasm. They had the most amazing adventure. No walk in the park for them.

Life would be easier if I was not such a restless soul that had to keep moving all the time. I do not know why I am that way. It makes for amazing life experiences but it is sometimes exhausting. I’m hoping to narrow my focus when I get to Florida so I do not try to continue to do more than makes for a good life. Regis will probably chuckle at this because he has spent his life asking me why I can’t sit back with a glass of iced tea and just enjoy.

I would argue that I usually do enjoy and I have enjoyed all the many experiences I have been blessed to have in life. Nevertheless, I exhaust myself. Now that I am no longer a “young spring chicken”, I think I have to slow down my insanity. I would not have changed any choices I have made for anything. I have had a great life with great experiences and met wonderful people along the way and that’s what it is all about.

I recently went to a reception where someone took a photo of my and our son, Jason. I do not have many pictures of the two of us, so this was special.

Linda and her son Jason.

8 Comments on “Losing My Mind

  1. I read this for a second time. As you stated, your life has been full of adventure and discovery. When you are old ( like me), you will relive all those times that filled you with joy. Much of The stress and aggravation will be dim or forgotten. You will cherish those memories and you will be so glad you took in all you could of this awesome planet. That you are seeing yourself as “restless” and wishing for less stress is probably a sign you WILL be seeking out a quieter life. Maybe this will be your last move. More time in the kayak. Day or weekend trips to hiking areas; time to relax the mind without the stress of buying and selling. And the dogs will quiet down as they age. You really took on a lot with two puppies after the ease of living with Dart. ( I LOVE reading about the c ollies and their pranks!) The pictures you post are a hoot!
    I can believe that the tech industry might have sent you off in overdrive, but you sure use your knowledge to the best advantage.

    Take care. Follow your instincts. Cling to and nurture your sense of wonder and continue to share it with us. It’s beautiful! Brenda


    • Thank you. That is a lovely comment. Two houses ago, I said I would never move again. I recently read an article that said we often think we know what we will want in the future, but we are often wrong. We change. Things change. Then, we want something different. I do not know what I will be doing a year from now, but hopefully, whatever it is it will be fun.


    • Nice comment. Linda makes my life interesting a lot of times. If you remember I mentioned in the post “back on the boat” how all this activity of the last year and a half or so got going. I will always be grateful to her for finding a way to make this all happen. My Mom got back to PA. I got a boat, and Linda and I got to live close to our son for over about a year. We probably saw him more in the last year than during the last 3 years. Thanks for your insightful comments and participation.

      regis (currently on the boat waiting to close on the FL. house)


      • I have to give Regis lots of credit for always being up for an adventure and putting up with me.


      • Sounds like you were made for each other.🤗
        Are you aware that I taught at Kennedy School with Betsy Youngblood? Betsy is the one who put me on to your posts. We see each other every month at lunch. And what did she tell me about your connection with Joanie Albig? (maiden name) Joanie and I grew up on the same street (Bristol Ct. Scranton, PA). We used to catch grasshoppers together! She is a few years older than I but that didn’t matter.


      • I had not idea. Thank you for sharing. I texted my cousin Doug Albig and he confirmed his dad’s sister is Joanie. I knew Doug had an aunt but I didn’t know her name was Joanie. It’s a small world.


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