I have been training the dogs to do canine nosework. The dogs are required to find a specific scent. They are beginners, so there is lots to learn. They are enthusiastic about this sport. I train them separately and sometimes together. I probably should not train them together, but they have so much fun and its easy to do when they look like they need something to occupy their active minds. The video below shows them working together to find a scent hidden in the living room. There are other games we play which includes hiding the scent in one of many bowls. We will move to closed boxes once we move. I do not want to purchase a bunch of boxes to box up and move. You will note in the video that the dogs have trouble with traction on the bamboo floors.

I’ve been a little rough with my comments on Clover lately, so I want to say that she’s a great dog. She’s not as bad as I make her sound. She’s smart and that’s the blessing and the problem. She needs a job. The best agility/nosework/canine sport dogs need a job. I’ve had a rough week for health reasons and have been struggling keeping up with their needs including readying the house for showings. I sat the dogs down the other day and had a “talk” with them explaining how much I needed them to be helpful partners right now. No kidding, they have been angels ever since. I got this idea from the book Kinship With All Life by J. Allen Boone. Whether that’s what helped, I do not know. I just know things are better.

I had walked the dogs together a few days ago and had to come back home early because Raven was nuts over a guy in his driveway. I do not know why he went nuts. He occasionally does that. I will have to note whether it happens when Clover is with us or not. Today, I walked the dogs separately and they were well behaved. The most interesting thing is there are large work trucks on our street cutting back the vegetation on the sides of the road and running it through a large chipper. Raven did not blink an eye walking past the activity. Clover was next for a walk and I was certain she would be unhappy. Rather than avoiding the trucks, I went in that direction to see if I could get her to walk past the activity without going nuts. She did just that. My son has a story of him using a small chipper at his house while the dogs were staying with him and Clover hid and had to be coached back into civilization. That was not the dog today.

As for the health stuff, I woke up with a lot of pain in my mouth last week. I’ve had great teeth, so this was new for me. I went to the dentist and he said I completely cracked my tooth from grinding my teeth. This is an ongoing problem with me and I often wear a guard on my teeth at night to help out. Anyway, it was infected and for the first time in probably 25 years or so, I had to take an antibiotic. He planned to refer me to a local surgeon to remove the tooth and get my mouth ready for an implant. I’m in the middle of a move across country and do not have time for this. I have not been feeling well and then a headache set in that will not go away. I decided to let him remove the tooth and figure out what to do regarding an implant when I get to Florida. He removed the tooth yesterday. I came home and spent a miserable afternoon feeling a little sorry for myself. I have no business doing that considering all the REAL issues other people in the world have to deal with. Yet, I wanted some comfort food. I could not chew easily.

My son’s birthday was a little over a week ago and his partner’s parents, who live on the Kitsap Peninsula with me, suggested throwing a little celebration for Jason this Saturday. I offered to bring the dessert and planned to do a rum cake that I baked for Regis when he turned 21. I do not think I have used that recipe since. So, I had a yellow cake mix box in the house. I made the cake batter for the yellow cake and set down to eating that sloppy goop in my hurt mouth. The sad part is, I ate it all. Not in one sitting, but in less than 24 hours.

When I told Regis what I had done, he thought I had included the rum in the batter. I did not make the rum cake recipe in full. I only did the yellow cake batter. I’m sure he was happy to hear that but he was still aghast that I would eat the WHOLE thing. I did. It did not make the pain go away, but I actually slept good last night. I feel much better today. I had to get more cake batter so I can make the full recipe for this weekend. I’ve successfully lost some weight over the last couple of months and I think I just reset the clock!

One last thing, I took Raven to his third pre-agility training session today. In the first session, it appeared that Raven did not realize he had back feet. He was clumsy. Today, he was a different dog. He raced through every obstacle because there were treats at the end. He acts like I do not feed him. I know Clover does not let him eat, but I make sure he gets his food. You can see that he is not a starved animal. Yet, he acts like he is in agility class. I thought the collies would be slower than working with Dart, my sheltie. Today, Raven showed me the speed a rough collie can put on when motivated. The worst/best part was he was so enthusiastic, he could not shut up during the entire class. He wanted it to be his turn. I had to walk him, do things with him, distract him, so the other dogs could run the obstacle until it was our turn. Dart was never like this, so this is new for me. I am excited that he is enthusiastic but does it have to be so noisy?

3 Comments on “Nosework

  1. Wow, I’m impressed with the video! They stay when told and know just what they are supposed to do. Beautiful dogs!!

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  2. Linda think hard about that implant. I have the same problem of grinding teeth and now it is catching up with me. See if they can put a spacer in there. When I had to wait on the implant my teeth moved. I just had a root canal. I am getting a crown next month if the tooth has not cracked. Implants are expensive and you can get food caught up under them. When I got my first implant I needed a sinus lift. They perforated the sinus and I was on antibiotics for a month. I would not do this again. I would get a bridge.
    Bill said you are moving back to St. Augustine. Is this correct? I hated winter in Oregon but that is a huge move.


    • I had several recommendations not to get an implant. A good friend recommended someone to see back in Florida who would give me other options. Yes, we are settling on a house in St. Augustine on Tuesdays. Regis is already there and is handling things at that end. I just have to get going on this end. Packing is a lot of work.


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