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Hispud Cotton Rats

About a week ago, I saw a small mammal hidden in the vegetation near the marsh. I had a hard time getting a good look. A few days later, I saw it again (and a few others) and was able to get a good… Continue Reading “Hispud Cotton Rats”

Counting Birds

I included a couple pictures I recently took while doing our weekly bird count at the Alligator Farm. The Alligator Farm has been closed to the public for a while because of Covid 19, so the only people in the park are the caretakers.… Continue Reading “Counting Birds”

Bellowing Alligators and Baby Birds

I went to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine today to get video of the birds nesting in the rookery. All the birds in the video below are wild. The alligators are captive. The alligators were bellowing a lot today. I also saw a… Continue Reading “Bellowing Alligators and Baby Birds”