What’s up with daddy bluebird?

It’s been troubling to watch that mama bluebird is the only one feeding her three chicks in our backyard nest box. Daddy bluebird checks out the box occasionally, but is not contributing to the care and feeding of the little ones. I don’t know if this is normal, but we haven’t seen this before. We have seen lots of successful hatchings in bluebird boxes we had installed on property we owned in Maryland, but never got to watch things up close. Our current box is maybe 10 yards at the most from our lanai, so we get to see what is and isn’t happening. Mama bluebird is frantically feeding the chicks and they are currently doing well. I provided some mealworms today to help her out, but she didn’t find them until this evening. Daddy bluebird found them also. I saw him grab a mealworm, go to the top of the nest box, and then eat it. I guess he’s getting closer to feeding the chicks! I hope he eventually figures out he should take the food inside the box.

Mama bluebird feeding her chicks.

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