Mud Turtle

I have been taking the two dogs for a couple walks a day separately. They are difficult to handle together. Separately, they have been easy to walk. It would be nice if they could walk well together. I have been getting over 15,000 steps in a day walking them, so perhaps it is not all bad.

Today, Clover and I found a mud turtle.

Clover and Raven have been happy to have Regis around. They adore him.

Not only have we been seeing lots of wildlife, but today on a walk with Raven, I saw that someone on the next street has a pet pig.

We have been having difficulty getting all the furniture to fit and that is sad. We have an almost new sofa bed from Pottery Barn that has rarely been used. Regis has tried every way, including mostly dismantling the couch, and cannot fit it in one of the other two bedrooms. We have no place to fit it and it is a beautiful, high quality piece of furniture. It is a great bed for guests. Regis even tried to get it through the window but it is not happening. He does not give up easily, but he gave up today.

Well, it is what it is.

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